Be awesome!! That's what this magnetic magenta colored table will inspire you to do! This funky piece also has a chalkboard area to write out a note, a to-do list, or other inspiring messages of your own! With its beautiful artistic and industrial feel, this table is a must-have!


Legs are made from 1" steel pipe and clear coated for rust protection.

Top is made from Poplar wood and sealed with varathane.


Dimensions are 48"L x 10"D x 38"H
*decor not included.
*any visible rust shown on pipe legs is part of the design and underneath a thick coat of sealant to prevent future rusting.



Note: Most pipe legs/feet are wider than their tops to help aid in their stability, meaning they won't sit flush against a wall. Each table is leveled to the best of my ability before leaving the studio. No piece will be 100% leveled within every environment. It's all part of the uniqueness of each piece. If there's a slight wobble (and it's possible there will be) don't fret! Felt pads are provided with each piece to protect flooring as well as aid in the leveling and stability of your piece.

Be Awesome



    Candice Emery

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